Thursday, March 16, 2023

The 2023 Chippens Tournament Challenge

We are underway in the 22nd installment of the Chippens Tournament Challenge, the most glorious tournament challenges of them all. 

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Once again over 100 players from all over the world have met in a great contest of spectator sports to test their mettle, determination, fortitude, thumb dexterity, and attention to deadlines. 

Here are a few storylines we will be keeping an eye out for this year.

Returning Champ

James Wylder returns to defend his 2022 championship. No player in Chippens history has won two titles, let alone back-to-back. Last year, the "Prairie Prodigy" swallowed his pride as an Illinois fan and strategically picked the Bill Self coached Kansas to win it all. He figured he needed a team that could win but one that not necessarily many players would choose. 

This year, Wylder picked . . . Kansas again! (It's always easier the second time). Last year, only nine players picked Kansas. This year . . . only nine players picked Kansas. 

Perhaps even more than Kansas, though, Wylder will be looking to Duke. He's only one of two players with the Blue Devils in the title game, and one of only seven with them in the Final Four.

Howe Bui Do It 

Of course, the Grand Prize T-Shirt is a big draw for the Chippens Tournament Challenge. Past Champions generally either get theirs framed for the living room centerpiece or put them in a safe deposit box for future generations. 

This year's t-shirt is another fan favorite. In fact, MonsterTruck reportedly exclaimed out, "OH! I want that!" as soon as she saw this year's design. 

The Monster has a Gonzaga-Purdue final with Gonzaga winning. She's one of only four with Gonzaga winning, but one of 20 with them in the final. 

Monster is currently the 104th ranked player in Chippens history (out of 106). So she's due for a big year! 

She will have to beat out her husband Wait ... what's happening (Ian Howe) if she wants the t-shirt. 

Howe has two top 20 Chippens finishes and has figured in the top of the standings to the final weekend multiple times. A Houston fan, he has found success with the Cougars in the past. This year, though, even though they are a fan favorite pick to win the title, Howe only picked them to the Final Four. He is one of 11 with Arizona winning it all. 

Houston, A Problem?

More players picked Houston than any other team in this year's tourney. Almost a quarter of the field has them going all the way. That includes wily veteran Old People Rock (Uncle Leo), who has lived in Houston for many years. 

Another player, though, who named himself Houston, You May Have A Problem (Adam Lombard) picked the Cougars to crash in the Final Four. 

Lombard may be referring to the fact Houston's best player suffered a season-ending injury in the conference tournament. 

Lombard is playing in his 17th straight Chippens Tourney and has six top-20 finishes. 

For Uncle Leo, this is tourney lucky number 13. His last top-20 finish was in 2013. Former dalliances and his brother-in-law Señor Wences report he has as many as 13 toes. 

Will that be enough to claw Houston to the title? Uncle Leo will be crossing his fingers and toes. 

Rookies To Watch

Each year intrepid rookies take their shot at a Chippens Championship. This year AmyD, Wade Walker, ChaChaTheGreat, dmartorana, Nuscher, Lowder, Horwath, Sarah, and Swisher are some of the new names vying for a title. 

The amazing Yma Nevob is the only player in history to win as a rookie. But in this most unpredictable year, miracles can happen again! 

Good luck to all. 

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Truc Bui said...

hahaha. I knew my stellar ranking in ALL previous tournaments would earn me fame one day...