Sunday, March 12, 2023

The 2023 Chippens Tournament Challenge


You can now MAKE YOUR PICKS in the 2023 Chippens Tournament Challenge!!! 

We have a different look this year, and there are sure to be some hiccups as we figure out the new system. So make your picks early and keep a copy for your records! 

Once again, entry is FREE and there will be PRIZES for the winners. 

Third place: Fridge magnet

Second place: Bumper sticker


This year's grand prize was designed by star artists ChaCha Corwin (front) and Daphne Corwin (back). This one of a kind collector's item can be YOURS, if you make your picks! 


1 bracket per person

Must be old enough to make your own picks 

Deadline is noon eastern / 11 a.m. central Thursday, March 16. 

Want this t-shirt? MAKE YOUR PICKS!!!

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