Thursday, March 19, 2015

109 Take The Challenge

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Daily Recaps
Tournament Preview

The Chippens Tournament Challenge always attracts the best and brightest minds in spectator sports, and 2015 is no exception. But to win the Challenge you can't just be a genius -- no, no, no. Brains alone is not nearly enough. The Champion must also possess a rare combination of guts, determination, stamina, and the ability to perform at the highest level under pressure. The Challenge is a cauldron from which only the impervious survive. The weak crumble like dust until one brilliant diamond emerges. 

Into the cauldron this year the top three finishers from last year, playing this year under the handles Bill Walton's Dealer (Matthew Melick, no longer obsessed with Gus Johnson, apparently), Hoop Scoop (Bill Snider), and DaBoss (Sydney Penney). They'll have to compete against a veteran-heavy field that features just a handful of rookies. 

Rookie Rides To Victory?

One of those rookies is Alexander the Great (Mackie Mo). The Boca Raton model and actress has recently appeared in Miami tabloids with none other than long-time Chippens veteran Bucephalus (Tim Corwin), who named himself after Alexander's horse. The paparazzi have caught the pair at several Miami attractions over the past few months. The gossip mags are now speculating what Mackie's choice of handle could mean. Has Bucephalus, the wild stallion, finally been tamed? 

More important in the context of the Challenge, Chippens sources have learned that Mackie can count cards AND she is also an accomplished martial artist, with the ability to deliver roundhouse kicks over a foot above her head. This fact should worry all competitors. Only one rookie has ever won the Challenge (Amwau in 2011), but Mackie certainly has the resume to be the second. 

Luck Of The Irish?

The question for most people this year was whether to pick Kentucky to win it all. Actually, it wasn't really even a question. Of the 109 participants, 58 have Kentucky. Wisconsin is the second most popular pick with 20, which means even if you didn't pick Kentucky to win it all, you probably at least picked them into the Final Four. 

A few brave (or brilliant?) souls are banking on Kentucky getting upset early. The most popular choice to ruin Kentucky's perfect season is Notre Dame, who looked strong by beating North Carolina and Duke in the ACC Tournament. 

None other than our defending champ, Bill Walton's Dealer, has Notre Dame over Kentucky. An Irish win would give him a great shot at being the first-ever repeat Champion. 

Joining Walton with Notre Dame are Champion, Felton Howard, and Mayfield Kay. They'll be saying lots of Hail Marys and rubbing their rosary beads if the Irish and Kentucky meet up. 

Baby Brawl

The Challenge experienced a baby boom this year. Babies Daphne's BFF, BabyJay, and The Girls on Fire!!! may not be able to eat solid foods, but that doesn't mean they can't pick! I heard they made their picks by drooling on the team they wanted to win.

The Girls on Fire!!! is actually a three mammal effort. Mom, baby, and dog all had input in the bracket, which was submitted with the promise they would "eliminate each and every one of you from the tournament one handle at a time." Yikes! Playtime will never be the same.  

Back For More

Finally, we've had a few players return to us who we've missed. Lil Brillhart is back for his 5th year after missing 2014. He'll be eligible for the All Time Records this year. TheAdministrator is back for her 4th year after missing the last two, and Wait . . . What's Happening? is back for his third campaign after also missing 2014. Look for these players to shake off the rust early and be in contention. 

Standings will be updated as close to real time as possible today. Good luck!

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