Sunday, March 15, 2009

Entry is open for the 2009 Challenge. Make your picks now!

***Special commentary on March Madness by esteemed sports blogger Brandon Christol is now posted on The Chippens Weekly. Check it out!***

Welcome to the home page for the 2009 Chippens NCAA Tournament Challenge, which is now in its ninth consecutive year (see last year's results).

CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR PICKS FOR THE 2009 CHALLENGE! (Read through to the bottom of this post for complete instructions on how to submit and/or change your picks. Only one set of picks per person, please.)


Chippens is offering three awesome prizes for this year's top three finishers. Third place will receive a custom Chippens bumper sticker, and second place will get a free Chippens fridge magnet!

But, competitors, I must say that this year's Champion will receive something so spectacular that I considered contacting my attorney to see if I would need to make players sign a health waiver before competing in case the winner went into immediate cardiac arrest brought on by the pure joy of winning this item. Indeed, I'm cautious about even posting a picture of the Grand Prize here lest even the thought of having the chance of winning--or even merely beholding--such an item causes widespread delirium. Please, folks, do not continue to scroll down this page to see the Grand Prize if you are pregnant, nursing, if you have a history of heart disease, or if you are easily susceptible to wild mood swings that usually result in harm to you, objects, pets, or people close by.

Ok, without further delay, here is this year's GRAND PRIZE:



Female Model:


That's right, this year's Champion will receive a custom Chippens t-shirt!

And, no, your eyes are not deceiving you. Appearing on the back of the t-shirt is none other than the magnificent Rob Deer, famed Detroit Tigers slugger and member of the Mullet Hall of Fame.

So, make your picks now and compete for this piece of history. Good luck!

Complete Instructions:

  1. Enter your handle (nickname), location, and valid e-mail address in the fields at the top of the page.
  2. Complete the ENTIRE bracket through the championship game. Scoring rules are listed at the top of the entry page.
  3. Select "E-mail Me A Copy" to receive a copy of your picks in your e-mail inbox.
  4. Add a comment for the webmaster if you wish.
  5. Submit your picks.
  6. If you want to change your picks, you have to either a) complete a new set of picks using the exact same biographical information, i.e. your handle, city & state, and e-mail (your new picks will then replace your old picks) or b) e-mail me by the deadline with specific changes you'd like to make.
E-mail at editor [at] chippens [dot] com with questions. If you don't think I'll recognize your name, include something about the NCAA Challenge in the subject line or I'll think it's spam and delete it.

Thanks for playing!

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