Friday, January 04, 2008

2007 Tournament Challenge

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The best NCAA pool on the planet, according to a poll conducted by, is back for its seventh installment. In six years, we've crowned six different Champions. This year, Angie Penney from Kalamazoo, Michigan will be back to defend her crown and try to be our first 2x Champ. Critics have said that winning the Chippens NCAA Tournament Challenge is the toughest achievement in spectator sports. Are you up for the Challenge?

In only six years, the Chippens NCAA Tournament Challenge has already developed a rich history and earned a glowing reputation. It has grown from a small pool of only fourteen players in 2001 to 78 in 2005 and 58 in 2006 and has featured competitors from numerous states all over the U.S.A as well as from four continents. The Challenge, as it is known in Vegas, has launched the careers of famous spectator-athletes Jake Willis and PJ Schroeder, both former Champions. The legendary Bill "Great Sage" Snider, the Doyle Bronson of NCAA pools, is also an annual competitor. Fill out a bracket and get your name listed among these greats!

To enter your picks, follow this easy two-step process:

1. Click here to go directly to the Challenge homepage, or "NCAA Tournament Challenge" on the right margin of this web page and follow the link to the Challenge homepage

2. Click "enter your picks" on the Challenge homepage.

After you fill out your bracket and submit your picks, you will receive a confirmation email. After the entry deadline has passed, the website will be updated with a full report package and will continue to be updated by our staff throughout the tournament.

Good luck!

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